About TMR

TMR is an international event management and artist booking agency situated at the heart of Asia's entertainment bubble — Singapore. Founded with backing from investors from China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and Korea; TMR prioritizes managing large-scale concerts, with an emphasis on bringing international superstars to the Asia region.

The Team

The Money Room is a dynamic team of music, event, and marketing industry veterans:

Jason Chin Founder

An entrepreneur in a wide range of fields such as international trading, F&B, operations, property development, systems management and marketing, Jason has successfully built companies in New Zealand and Singapore; among them – the social media brands Cannla, Winnla, Mediapop, and The Money Room.

Jeremy Chin Director / Legal Advisor

Experienced in consulting companies such as Win Industry, Hyundai Multi Cav, and 3R system, Jeremy has over 8 years of experience in organizational and project management, as well as acting as a legal advisor for brands in countries such as USA, New Zealand, Korea, China, and Italy.

Taisuke Yamamoto Event Director / Media Liason

A rap artist, record label owner of ’1OR8FACTION‘, and ex-news journalist at Channel News Asia and Metro TV Indonesia, Taisuke has had over 7 years of experience in copyrighting, on-stage performing, and event & artist management in Japan, UK, and Singapore.

Syaheed Event Director / Technical & Audio Liason

Founder of the nightlife event and artist management company ‘Bedsty’, Shahid has over 8 years of experience in audio production, music publishing, artist booking and event directing in countries such as Singapore, USA, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Yi Ting Ho Event Producer

An ex-TV production manager for TV series such as ‘Moon face 2’ and ‘Business Concierge’, Yi Ting has had experience working in Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan to name a few. She is also a social media sales executive and project manager at Mediapop.

Cholo De Villa Art Director

Experienced graphic designer and social media marketing analyst, Cholo also has over 5 years of nightlife event management and video producing/directing experience in Manila, Philippines — working with clients such as San Miguel Brewery, Citibank Philippines, and producing TV commercials for brands such as Sony Ericsson and Fully-Booked.

Kim Shin Il Communications Manager, East Asia Region

With over 3 years of experience in event production and on-stage performance as an artist, Kim is a Tri-lingual communicator, being the point of contact between Korea, Japan, and English.